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Hot Rod Heart
Choreographed by Eileen Cockburn
Description:64 count, 4 wall, line dance
Music:Hot Rod Heart by John Fogerty [Blue Moon Swamp / Available on iTunes]
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1-4Step left forward & to side, step right forward & to side (feet apart) tap heels twice
5-8Step left forward & to center, step right together, tap heels twice
9-12Vine right-left-right, brush left forward
13-16Vine left-right-left, stomp right
17-20Step right forward, turn ¼ left, stomp right together, stomp right together
21-24Repeat previous 4 steps
25-28Step right forward & to side, step left forward & to side, tap heels twice
29-32Step right forward & to center, step left together, tap heels twice
33-34Swivel heels apart
35-38Right 45, brush right heel to left knee, right 45, right together
39-42Left 45, brush left heel to right knee, left 45, touch left back
43-44Step left forward, turn ½ right (weight to right)
45-50Strut forward left heel/toe, right heel/toe, left heel/toe
51-54Stepping right slightly forward at 45 degrees right, hip right, hip right, hip left twice
55-58Roll hips right twice
59-62Vine right-left-right turning ¼ turn left, hitch left
63-64Step left side, step right together
Choreographer Contact Information:
Eileen Cockburn | Address: Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia

Eileen Cockburn
Address: Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia

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